• Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour Sure Does Like Denying a Lot of Obvious Truths

    Mississippi Gov. Haley "No Oil to See Here, Move Along" Barbour's mouth may say No, but his increasingly bloated secret war chest says Yes

    As Haley Barbour continues brushing aside speculation about his presidential prospects, the Mississippi governor is discreetly building a complex political operation rivaling those of any other 2012 GOP presidential prospects.

    His apparatus, which has socked away hundreds of thousands of dollars this year alone, will get a major boost — as will the Barbour 2012 buzz — when the governor takes some time away from the Gulf oil spill threatening his home region’s shorelines to attend a big fundraiser Thursday for one of his three political action committees.

    I don't know if if it's just me, but keeping up with the news has been a grim ordeal these past few months. (Do other people get depressed over things like encroaching institutionalized racism and unfathomably horrifying environmental disasters?) The only thing that really keeps me going is the thought that about seven minutes and forty seconds after the midterm elections in November, we'll get to witness the opening shots of the 2012 GOP/Tea Party primaries.

    Oh, how my heart leaps at the very thought. It will surely be the greatest/scariest/greatest-again experience of our sorry lives.

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