• Elena Kagan's Sexy First Day of Sexy Confirmation Hearings Got Sexy

    Oh, man, the Senate confirmation hearings for potential Supreme Court justice (and current Solicitor General) Elena Kagan got effin’ HOT today!

    Solicitor General Elena Kagan pledged on Monday that if the Senate confirms her nomination to the Supreme Court, she will adopt a "modest" stance toward her powers and will defer to the policy decisions of Congress and the president, according to excerpts from her prepared opening statement released by the White House.

    Then she batted her eyelashes and delicately lifted up her floor-length skirt so that the salivating senators could see her shapely, softball-toned ankles. The coy minx!

    She also said that the democratic process "is often messy and frustrating."  JUST LIKE SEX! (is what she meant to add, but didn’t.)  She is so flirting with Senator Pat Leahy. Thank her Old Testament Jehovah the Politico told us she’s not a gay! Otherwise, her statement could be interpreted as a smart, well-worded opening statement to the Senate and the nation, rather than a coded sex note about fucking.

    Stay tuned for later, when she totally leaves something on Jeff Sessions’s desk and pretends she "forgot" it just so she can come back and "get it" later!

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