• BP's Oil Leak in the Gulf Is a "Natural Disaster," Just Like BP's Public Relations Efforts

    Thanks to CCInsider commentor Chad, we were pointed toward the comments of Ken Feinberg, the government-appointed administrator of the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster Victim Compensation Fund. Besides having an insanely long title, Feinberg was broadcast over C-SPAN revealing the real perpetrator of the oil spill: nature.

    You catch that?

    "I think this is a natural spill, a natural disaster…"

    You see what he did a second later, after realizing that he just made the incredibly silly mistake of confusing a natural disaster with BP's faulty blowout preventer failing to stop the oil explosion and thus leak over 300 million gallons of oil into our oceans? He corrected himself like so…

    "…it's impact was a natural disaster."

    So you see, he meant that it's impact was just a — wait — what? It's impact was a natural disaster? So he's saying that what happened after the initial explosion, the hundreds of millions of oil leaking into the ocean, that's the natural disaster? Because oil naturally flows out of holes in the ground? So, the real culprit here is the physics involved in the formation of oil beneath the Earth's crust. Not BP. What did they do, they just dug a hole.

    I feel bad for Physics. Can you even imagine how bad its stocks are gonna take a hit after this news gets out?

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