• David Vitter Does Not Want to Talk About His Girlfriend-Stabbing "Women's Issues" Coordinator

    Ruh-roh! Bayou-based Republican sex munchkin Sen. David Vitter — who showed up at Louisiana's Secretary of State’s office in Baton Rouge yesterday in order to formally sign up for this year's Senate race — was just not that into answering reporters’ friendly questions about his former sidekick Brent Furer yesterday…

    For Vitter, it was his first time facing the media since news broke last month that one of his aides had pleaded guilty in connection with a 2008 altercation involving an ex girlfriend. The aide, Brent Furer, remained on Vitter's staff until ABC News reported that Furer stabbed and threatened to kill the woman during a 90-minute ordeal.

    Vitter declined to directly answer questions about the incident, except to refute media reports that Furer was assigned to handle women's issues in his office.

    More on that hellish 90-minute ragefest over here.

    But hey, every boss makes a crappy hire once in awhile, right? Well, yeah, but most bosses in Vitter's position wouldn't keep the dude on staff. But, I suppose it's something that he at least didn't tap him to focus on women’s issues…

    But, um, whoopsies daisies, those sneaky monkeys over at Talking Points Memo have uncovered evidence documenting that Furer was in fact assigned to make sure persons with vaginas were satisfied with life, or whatever "women’s issues" actually means.

    This ensures that David Vitter will be re-elected, this time as Senator-for-Life, at which point he will assign Mel Gibson to be his Official Attache to Girls, Jews, and Blacks.

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