• Norway Arrests United Colors of Benetton on Suspicion of Terrorist Activity

    In a further attempt to confuse anyone trying to make sense of the international Muslammedan-Islamoriffic terror network, Norway has announced the arrest of three potential bad guys

    One of the men arrested was a 39-year-old Norwegian citizen of Chinese origin who belongs to the Muslim Uighur ethnic group and has been in Norway since 1999, the police said. Another was a 31-year-old Uzbek citizen who arrived in Norway in 2002 and had permanent residency, the police said. The third man was a 37-year-old Iraqi citizen of Kurdish background who also went to Norway in 1999 and has permanent residency.

    So, to sum up: One of the dudes was a Norwegian Muslim guy from China, but not one of those Chinese Muslims who live in the islands now, sipping mai tais and putting the lime in the coconut. The other was a Muslim guy who was a Norwegian permanent resident but came from Uzbekistan, a place where we actually have an embassy. Then there was this other Norwegian permanent resident who emigrated from Iraq but is of Kurdish ethnic origin. He was arrested in Germany in front of a kindergarten.

    Um, what?

    Here, this will help you…

    A European intelligence official said the three men were members of the Turkistan Islamic Party, a Uighur separatist group based largely in the lawless Pakistani tribal area of Waziristan, which has become a haven for Al Qaeda and other militant groups.

    This is Al-Qaeda’s latest plot to destroy the West: confuse the casual reader by recruiting and radicalizing dudes in way too many countries, who then move to a second country and are arrested by law enforcement in a third country.

    Al-Qaeda, we’ve accepted that you want to murder all of us. But do you have to confuse us as well?

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