• The Military Can't Be a Democracy Because Democracy is Openly Gay

    Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) told a roundtable of journalists that he understands the concerns of the gay community has over the Don't Ask Don't Tell survey, which asked 400,000 service members to speculate over whether someone serving with them was secretly a total homo

    "I have my doubts about the content of the survey," the Senator stated.

    Although the results will not be out soon, Sen. Levin fears they will soon be leaked. But don't worry, the results of the polls will not in any way affect whether or not DADT is repealed. If the poll results show that the service members suspect gaiety and accept it, it will only embolden the call for repeal. If the service members suspect gaiety and are completely disgusted by it, the Pentagon will have to assume the army is filled with crazy homophobes so nobody should listen to them anyway.

    As Senator Levin pointed out, "the military is not a democracy." And, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Because democracy is, after all, openly gay. C'mon! Don't tell me you couldn't tell. The stripes and stars? That whole "freedom" and "equality" thing? The showtunes? Come on it's totally obvious.

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