• Laura Ingraham's New Book Is Why the Word "Hilarious" Was Invented by Comedy Scientists

    Oh my! Will you look at this fresh-off-the-presses piece of droll political satire from Laura Ingraham. The Obama Diaries — a make-believe collection of diary entries written by President Obama, his family and members of his administration — is simply too much! It's almost as if the guys who made Scary Movie and  Meet the Spartans! decided to go into fictional, right-wing political commentary. Really! It's that good! Check out this "excerpt" from the First Lady's diary

    Honestly, I think we've done all we can for the Gulf Coast. On my way out of town I even stopped by the Pink Pelican Ice Cream Bar to enjoy a luscious treat called the "Chocolate Hurricane." (I have to remember to e-mail Ray Nagin about that one.) After my visit, there will be lines around that ice cream joint for decades–and who knows, by then they might have even capped that oil spill.

    But in the meantime, they might want to consider renaming the place the "Brown Pelican Ice Cream Bar." And to think, earlier today, I told the NAACP that, "Dessert is not a right." I stand by that. It's not a right. When I'm working this hard, it's a necessity! LOL!

    LOL is right! I am Laugh Out Loud-ing all over the place after reading that! This book is pretty much making Mark Twain and Jonathan Swift throw up all over themselves in their graves with jealousy. Johannes Gutenberg is up in Heaven right now saying, "I had no idea that anything so beautiful, hilarious and obviously not thrown together in a quick six-week writing jag could ever have been produced with my humble little invention." Jesus is on his cell phone on some underwater golf course in Atlantis telling Bigfoot that this book is why he gave dominion of the Earth to humans instead of bigfeet.

    And look, even NRO's Kathryn Jean Lopez — who has never been known to have ridiculous opinions ever before — is in agreement

    It's parody meets brutal reality; it's more truthful than the health-care campaigning this administration and its acolytes have engaged in regarding Obamacare… The Obama Diaries is actually two books in one — a rallying call to action in the tradition of her previous Power to the People and a clever, entertaining, let’s-laugh-instead-of-cry-while-we-keep-fighting summer read from a woman who's done a bit of successful fighting in her life.

    What are you waiting for? Go out and buy it right now before everybody else uses up all the laughter.

    Update: This one comment from Matt has more Laugh Out Loud in its little finger than my whole 160,000 word post has in its whole body…

    Satire is to Laura Ingraham as gangster rap is to Laura Ingraham.

    That's pretty much all anybody needs to know in life.

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