• What Is North Korea Gonna Do When the U.S. Runs Wild on It?

    Remember how Hulk Hogan used to enter the arena to the kickass proto-Tea Party hit "Real American" and then strut around the ring pumping and flexing with all his might? That is sort of what the U.S. is doing now in South Korea

    "The Defense Department announced Monday that an aircraft carrier, the George Washington, would arrive in the South Korean port of Pusan on Wednesday as the United States and South Korea prepared for joint military exercises meant as a show of strength against North Korea."

    All this is meant to freak North Korea out in the wake of its navy's March 2010 sinking of a South Korean warship. 46 South Koreans died when a North Korean submarine fired a torpedo at a South Korean warship. (North Korea, of course, says, "WTF? We so did not do anything wrong, you guys, GOD.")

    So, basically, The Undertaker pulled some fatal stunt a few months ago and the United States of Hogan is mad as hell and is coming to the aid of Macho Man Randy Savage in this, America's finest hour. Historically, only good things happen when the United States gets involved in Korean affairs.

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