• Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren Blinded by Toxic Poison

    Holy what the eff?

    Glenn Beck announced that he's (supposedly) going blind the other day, and now this? Is there some kind of a reverse-Saul thing currently in vogue with the conservative/religious culture warriors? What can this mean?

    I personally have little faith that intercessory prayer will do much to restore Warren's sight. But I do hope that medical science can maybe get something done. Put an end to the pain, at least.

    Man, this really sucks. I don't care what your politics are normally; when it comes to excruciatingly painful toxic poison blindness, we're all in the opposition party. If I could, I would definitely filibuster toxic chemicals in the eyeball.

    (via Politics Daily)

    Update: Thanks to Jeff and the mysteriously named Name in the comments for following up on this. Turns out the "toxic poison" that burned a hole through Rick Warren's skull was in fact some kind of plant sap that irritated his eyes into a state of temporary blindness…

    Warren's spokesman Larry Ross said the sap of a firestick plant got into Warren's eyes when he wiped his brow while gardening. The sap can cause temporary blindness, although Ross said Warren can see…

    He is expected to make a full recovery.

    It's a miracle! You see? Prayer truly does work!

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