• Democratic Mayoral Candidate Escorted from Debate for Being Too Serious a Politician

    We're generally not in the habit of making endorsements for Democratic mayoral primary races in Providence, Rhode Island (you know, all of those), but we're seriously considering making an exception for this guy

    [Democratic mayoral candidate Christopher F.] Young was escorted out of the [mayoral debate] by the police after he refused to take down a large statue of the Virgin Mary that he had placed on the candidates' table…

    [C]andidates were told not to bring props or signs to the debate stage. Young argued it was a question of free speech: "The statue stands for my faith. I believe I have a right to be here with my faith."

    As debate organizers and 10 police officers asked Young to leave the stage or remove the statue, about 200 registered attendees waited in the humid hallway outside the auditorium.

    I like his position on free speech. And his position on grasping maniacally to totem-like religious idols in the face of all rationality. It's refreshing. But I wonder where he stands on handwritten political screeds scrawled illegibly in body fluids across 37 volumes of Hello Kitty notebooks? Not that it really matters. I'd vote for him whether he was in favor of making you read them when you walk in front of his house or simply hiding them beneath the floor boards of his attic so that the demons don't find them.

    Hey, look, there's some video of the next mayor of Providence in action after the jump…

    It kinda gives you chills, doesn't it? To see such a natural politician emerging. Too bad this guy's a Democrat, because he and Sharron Angle would make a hell of a ticket in Oh-Twelve.

    (via Dan Savage)

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