• Rachel Maddow Diagnoses Fox News' Multiple Personality Disorder Over Shirley Sherrod Incident

    Unfortunately, this case untreatable. It's brought on by some sort of inoperable blockage of ethics and rationality in the objective lobe. So long as Fox News is fed a steady stream of stupid from the heart of America — which, let's face it, will not be cut off anytime soon — it will continue to present symptoms of chronic assholeishness.

    But the good news is that in its present condition it can live a long and extremely profitable life as a make believe news organization providing make believe news to people who just don't give a shit. Note the particularly ratings-bloated tumor named Bill O'Reilly that Rachel Maddow confronts her in this clip from last night…

    The patient's history on this matter can be observed after the jump. Make sure to scrub up first. The patient's immune-to-criticism system is badly compromised.

    …and over and over and over and over and over ∞.

    In all seriousness, we can point out Fox News and Andrew Breitbart's duplicitous natures until the Sun finally mercifully supernovas, and it won't change the fact that none of this would have ever been an issue or major news story if Tom Vilsack and White House officials had simply stopped for a minute to consider the story's sources and then exercise the same critical thinking skills as were used by Fox News' own Shepard Smith

    Fox's Shep Smith: We didn't run Breitbart's edited video on my show because "we did not and do not trust the source."

    Fool me twenty times, shame on you. Fool me twenty gazillion times, shame on me.

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