• Right-Wing Anti-Abortion Activists Plan to "Burn, Hang or Beat" Sen. Lindsey Graham for "Fun" "Comedy"

    It's Randall Terry — founder of the conservative anti-abortion group Operation Rescue — and he is hopping mad at South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham for voting in favor of vehement baby killer Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court.

    How hopping mad is he? This hopping mad

    First of all, I think it's important to commend Mr. Terry on his decision to stand directly in front of the Chicken Man while delivering his heartfelt plea to be taken seriously on this serious issue. ("Okay, Mr. Terry, where should we set up? We literally have an infinite number of camera positions to choose from… Oh, right here? That is exactly what I was going to suggest.")

    Second of all…

    “We are either going to burn, hang or beat Senator Lindsey Graham in effigy. And we're going to make comedy out of it, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

    Oh, so they're going to "make comedy" out of a make-believe public murdering of a U.S. politician? Why, that does sound like "a lot of fun"! Yay! Although his assurances concerning the jocularity of the fantasy hate crime does seem a tad unnecessary. When have you ever been to a pretend brutal execution that wasn't uproariously hilarious family entertainment? Yippee!!!

    Hey, if you're going to this "fun" "comedy" event, make sure to pack a picnic basket and bring the kids! And get ready for a nooseful of laffs!

    Update: Some photos from today's burning/hanging/beating have already popped up. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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