• Hate Group Boycotts Home Depot for Being a Non-Hate Company

    You know, until a few minutes ago, I really had no strong opinion about Home Depot other than that I'm too intimidated to talk to the guys who works the lumber department and always need to make my girlfriend go in to get stuff for me.*

    However, that's all changed just now that I've just now discovered that the American Family Association — which has previously blown the whistle on Adolf Hitler's gayness and called for Muslims to be purged from the U.S. military for being Muslim — has instituted a boycott against Home Depot for continually giving "its financial and corporate support to open displays of homosexual activism on main streets in America's towns" instead of just "remain[ing] neutral in the culture war" like a good little depot.

    I had no idea that I like Home Depot so much! Hey, Home Depot! You are the best depot! And look, the AFA even provides a list of all the human and decent things that the chain of hammer-and-nail stores has done over the years. Including…

    * In June 2010, The Home Depot set up a "Kids Workshop" as a vendor at the Southern Maine Pride Festival and parade.

    * In 2009, The Home Depot gave over $5,000 to be a major sponsor of the Nashville Gay Pride Festival. It also sponsored parades in Atlanta, Kansas City, Portland and San Diego.

    * The Home Depot offers insurance benefits that cover sex-changes operations for employees. That insurance also extends to same-sex partners of homosexual employees, proving The Home Depot considers gay couples as "married."

    * In 2008, The Home Depot sponsored the Durham Pride Weekend with a kid's workshop and parade march. The events include "massages for couples" and "Drag Shows."

    * As early as 2005, The Home Depot placed a full-page ad in the Out & Equal homosexual workplace conference program guide.

    I feel like the AFA does deserve some thanks for providing us with this useful information.

    So, thanks, bigoted hate group, for letting me know about all this! You're the best worst!

    Now, let's all go buy some lumber!

    (via Reddit)


    * For, like, all of the lumber-related home projects I'm always working on. Like, for example… (I actually don't even know enough about lumber-related home projects to finish this joke.)

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