• New Hampshire Senate Candidate Sinking Under Weight of Sarah Palin Endorsement

    Here's the thing about endorsements from Sarah Palin. In a sense, they're good because they really go a long way toward shoring up support among the insane xenophobic idiot demographic.

    The problem is, they tend to make regular non-insane non-xenophobic non-idiot suspect that you might maybe be the second worst person in the world

    51% of New Hampshire voters overall say they're less likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by Palin to just 26% who say a Palin endorsement would make them more inclined to be supportive. The disparity is even larger when it comes to moderate voters — 14% of them are positively swayed by a Palin nod while 65% say her support is more likely to turn them against one of her preferred candidates.

    When we polled New Hampshire in April we found [senatorial candidate Kelly] Ayotte's favorability numbers with moderates on positive ground at 32/27, something very unusual for a Republican candidate. Now in the wake of the Palin endorsement that is no longer the case- 27% of moderates see Ayotte favorably while 46% see her unfavorably- a 24 point drop in her favorability spread over the last three months.

    You know, Finneus von Comedycentral, the Archduke of West Viacom, is always coming into my office, pointing his monocle at me and demanding to know why this blog's numbers are so low. Next time, when he does that, instead of giving my usually excuse ("Because I'm bad at my job"), I think I'll just tell him that it's because Sarah Palin has decided to endorse us.

    I mean, it wouldn't be that hard to buy, since everyone knows she reads all the websites.

    (via Andrew Sullivan)

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