• Shirley Sherrod Is a Racist Liar

    The American Spectator, everybody's favorite news source for classy stories, produced a piece by Jeffrey Lord, in which he pointed out that Shirley Sherrod's relative was not hanged, he was beaten to death. Sherrod, that filthy effin' liar. Lord directs us to a Supreme Court Opinion as evidence…

    "1. Upon review of a judgment affirming the conviction, for violation of § 20 of the Criminal Code and conspiracy thereunto, of local law enforcement officers who arrested a negro citizen for a state offense and wrongfully beat him to death, the judgment is reversed with directions for a new trial."

    Lord goes on to write that Sherrod wanted to "add 'glamour' " to the story by changing the beating to a lynching. Why? Well, obviously because she is a lying liberal political activist. And lynching just rolls off your tongue, doesn't it? Lynn– chhh– ING.

    But Lord has more ammunition in store for those media elites and rationalists out there that bastardized the Sherrod story.

    Apparently, Breitbart is not the racist the media has made him out to be because he had nothing to do with the editing of the speech. Lord continues…

    "There is no proof — none — that Breitbart deliberately edited this tape to fashion the image of Ms. Sherrod as a government racist. Say again, not a shred of evidence."

    Thus Andrew Breitbart is just a victim of a poorly edited YouTube video, and Sherrod is a big liar.

    You know what? Lord is so right — Breitbart didn't personally edit the video. Because you can easily find who edited the video by checking who uploaded the video Breitbart posted. And that person is "Stage Right Show," also known as Larry O'Connor, the Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart.tv.

    So, it was O'Connor who edited Sherrod's NAACP speech! And I'm sure the person he was working for had NO idea that he edited a tape out of context. Because it would be ridiculous to assume that Breitbart would have any control over his Editor-in-Chief. Good point, Lord Jeffrey.

    Looks like we had the story right the first time. So, if you were at Comic-Con this past weekend and are just catching up on the Sherrod story, just know that all you need to do is read Breitbart's original post. Everything else is a LIE.

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