• Apparently the Army Is Not All Fun and War Games

    From the "Stuff Military Recruiters Probably Do Not Tell Teenagers" file: last year 160 active-duty soldiers committed suicide. Apparently that's a record. 146 more died during "risky activity or behavior such as drug use." Approximately half of these were drug overdoses.

    "Simply stated, we are often more dangerous to ourselves than the enemy," says the 15-month study, released Thursday.

    But what's probably even scarier — and a better indication of mental suffering among the troops — is that 1,713 soldiers attempted suicide and over 9,000 were hospitalized for mental health problems. 216,000 soldiers were assessed for mental health conditions or were in therapy in 2009.

    What could possibly be so stressful about leading life as a trained killing machine who constantly wonders if he or she is about to drive over an IED? All those awesome government-created Army video games make it look like such fun! Who knew being all you can be could be such a downer? If you live in a town where the Army is the only employer except for McDonald's, it's enough to make one consider a career in microwaveable apple pie distribution and French fry cultivation.

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