• Could the Next Governor of Oregon Be a Seven-Foot Pro-Choice Republican?

    Oh, this old story again: The six foot eleven inch ex-NBA player with the Yale degree and the type 1 diabetes runs as the Republican candidate for governor in a state composed primarily of lumberjacks and lesbian hippies.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the next governor of the great state of Oregon, Chris Dudley!

    Dudley, 45, is an unusual political candidate. He played basketball at Yale, a university far better known for producing politicians than N.B.A. players, and did so while living with diabetes. And in N.B.A. history, no player who scored as little as Dudley — he averaged 3.9 points per game and was famous for his inept free-throw shooting — has managed to linger longer than his 886 games, which included four seasons with the Nets and three with the Knicks.

    Is this gubernatorial playa not quirky enough for you? Well, feature this: Chris Dudley is a Republican who supports civil unions and legal abortion. In this way he is maybe a non-crazy, non-Teabaggy, non-embarrassing Republican candidate! Who knew they even MADE those anymore?!

    Um, also? The Future First Lady of The Land of Beavers shares her husband's first and last name. Chris Dudley is married to Chris Dudley. So there is that.

    A million votes for Chris Dudley, the other Chris Dudley, and their adorable giant children, now.

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