• Rep. Bob Inglis Somehow Didn't Know That We Are All Just "Collateral for the Banks"

    Rep. Bob Inglis — a Republican congressperson with "a 93 percent lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union" — will not be returning to Congress next year. That's because he lost his primary campaign to¬† Teapproved candidate Trey Gowdy. That is because he is a stinking liberal who thinks that maybe God is not speaking through the mouth of Glenn Beck.

    So, he lost his spot on the Tea Party Express. ("Next stop, the side of that mountain!"). But he'll always have the memories of dealing with his constituents

    "They were upset with me," Inglis recalls. "They are all Glenn Beck watchers." About 90 minutes into the meeting, as he remembers it, "They say, 'Bob, what don't you get? Barack Obama is a socialist, communist Marxist who wants to destroy the American economy so he can take over as dictator. Health care is part of that. And he wants to open up the Mexican border and turn [the US] into a Muslim nation.'" Inglis didn't know how to respond…

    Shortly before the runoff primary election, Inglis met with about a dozen tea party activists at the modest ranch-style home of one of them. Here's what took place: "I sat down, and they said on the back of your Social Security card, there's a number. That number indicates the bank that bought you when you were born based on a projection of your life's earnings, and you are collateral. We are all collateral for the banks.

    "I have this look like, 'What the heck are you talking about?' I'm trying to hide that look and look clueless. I figured clueless was better than argumentative. So they said, 'You don't know this?! You are a member of Congress, and you don't know this?!' And I said, 'Please forgive me. I'm just ignorant of these things.' And then of course, it turned into something about the Federal Reserve and the Bilderbergers and all that stuff. And now you have the feeling of anti-Semitism here coming in, mixing in. Wow."

    You gotta admit, it does seem kinda silly that a member of Congress doesn't know all this stuff about the banks harvesting our organs to make gold bricks out of our spleens, but this guy holding up the picture of Barack Obama's butt with Hitler's mustache under the anus does.

    Just goes to show you what's wrong with this country. Shame on you, Rep. Inglis, for being so willfully blind to Obama's spirit agents that live inside our oil lamps.

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