• Anthony Weiner Still Mad Republicans Hate Heroes

    Remember that time Representative Anthony Weiner (D-New York) got real salty and almost cut a bitch? This occurred in the actual House of Representatives, a place not unlike the "Thugz Mansion" of which Tupac so beautifully spoke.

    He was mad because Republicans had defeated a bill that would have provided financial assistance, medical treatment, and screening tests to people still suffering the mental and physical fallout of 9/11. These would have included first responders as well as residents of Lower Manhattan. Well, now he's trying to esplain himself

    "…I believe a little raw anger right now is justified. Democrats make a mistake by pretending there is a bipartisan spirit in Congress these days, and would be better served by calling out Republican shams.

    "The specifics of the debate last week should be an example of an issue beyond partisan dispute. The bill in question was created to help the thousands of citizens who went to ground zero after the Sept. 11 attacks. These are Americans who wanted to help, and who scientific studies now show are falling ill and dying in troubling numbers."

    But haha, that sounds dumb and lame, right? Those stupid EMTs and firefighters and cops and Port Authority workers and volunteers are just whinypants Mclamestains, which is totally why House Republicans (with the exception of 12 decent human beings) voted against the bill. And if you're dumb enough to live in Lower Manhattan (holla!), you should just deal with the fact that sometimes, in your neighborhood, a bunch of mass murderers turn planes into flying bombs and kill thousands of people.

    Rep. Anthony Weiner is just bitter because his last name means "dong."

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