• Happy Birthday to President Obama, From a Bunch of People Who Hate His Guts

    So, today is Barack Obama's 49th birthday, and I totally forgot! How embarrassing! What's a good last minute gift for a guy who has everything except encouraging approval ratings? (Does anyone know where you can get an affordably-priced backbone on short notice?)

    Anyway, the RNC has definitely not forgotten this special day. In fact, they got their top joke writers on the case, writing up some e-cards for the President. By which, I mean they got a couple people who happened to be walking by the computer that has Photoshop on it to make up some stuff off the top of their heads.

    And the results are great! By which, I mean okay. By which, I mean mixed. This one is probably the best they have to offer…

    Not bad, actually. But this is probably closer to what you were expecting, isn't it?

    Haha! Flat out retyping a talking point off of the memo up on the office cork board. Classic comedy bit!

    Oh, and here's one more just because What? We're still going with the John Kerry is French thing? Really?

    Magnifique travail, mes amis conservateurs. Vous ĂȘtes vraiment baguettes dans l'esprit de alram feu.

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