• Ben Quayle Seems Like a Relatively Reasonable Guy Who Is Clearly Not a Joke

    Hey, do you remember that guy Dan Quayle? Used to be our vice president? Kind a handsome conservative male version of a street lamp*? Potatoe? Yep, that's him.

    Anyway, that guy had a son, and that son is running for Congress in Arizona. And not the good, iced tea version of Arizona…

    "Barack Obama… is the worst… president… in history."

    It's nice to see that the guy is really trying to keep his conservative rhetoric at a reasonable level, so as to appropriately serious about the job he's applying for and not like a ridiculous caricature of a Tea Party candidate. I mean, he could have said something ridiculously hyperbolic, like "Barack Obama is a half-arachnid super-villain," or "Barack Obama is not made of normal matter like you and I, but pure solid-state Socialism." But he didn't. He kept it clean. And I respect that.

    Unfortunately, that kind of sober-minded campaigning might just hurt him in Arizona.


    * Fun fact: Most street lamps are female and liberal. It's been proven with Science.

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