• Colorado's Election Results Portend Great Change, Status Quo

    People have been keeping a close eye on Colorado's primaries last night, for signs of they could mean for the upcoming midterm elections and, possibly more so, the 2012 presidential elections. 'Cause you know the old saying: As goes Colorado's primaries, so goes the next two election cycles

    The predictions of doom for incumbents and establishment candidates this campaign season are proving to be more complex in the real world. On Tuesday, Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, a Democrat who had hitched his star to the fortunes of President Obama, survived a bitter primary challenge.

    But in this state’s Republican primary, a Tea Party-backed insurgent, Ken Buck, upended the candidate endorsed by Washington Republicans, Jane Norton, a former lieutenant governor.

    So, this one guy won in the one race, and then some other guy one in some other race? Compelling! But what can it possibly mean?!

    The two victories suggested that the anticipated wrath of the American voter might not be quite ready to sweep away all before its path — but the tide is still strong.

    Yes, that is almost certainly what it means. Everything is changing and the end is nigh, but then also maybe not so much. Prepare yeself for the impending doom of things pretty much staying the may they are unless they don't end up changing a whole bunch, but still don't cancel your vacation plans because it's also just as likely that everything will just go on the same as it always had! Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!

    Or, maybe, it means that one guy won in the one race, and then some other guy one in some other race.

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