• What Is the Deal with People Having Rights?

    Cal Thomas — who, according to Cal Thomas, is "America's #1 nationally syndicated columnist" — is very sad that Federal Judge Vaughn Walker found California's Prop 8 to be unconstitutional. He's also really sad that women are allowed to have legal rights over their own bodies. Not to mention how inconsolably sad he is that the Bible (or at least his own personal interpretation of it) is not observed as federal law.

    Oh, there are just so many things that he's terribly terribly sad about — as evidenced by the ululating lamentations in his column new article charmingly titled "Vigilante Law" — such as: Supreme Court justices getting to make decisions, God not smiting us down fast enough, people having sex, gay people getting to have important jobs, and overt bigotry falling out of fashion…

    "No less a theological thinker than Abraham Lincoln concluded that our Civil War might have been God's judgment for America’s toleration of slavery. If that were so, why should 'the Almighty,' as Lincoln frequently referred to God, stay His hand in the face of our celebration of same-sex marriage?

    "There is more than one way to experience bankruptcy. America under the Obama administration is on the verge of economic insolvency, and now Judge Vaughn Walker has joined a conga line of similarly activist judges who are accelerating us down the path to destruction.

    "We have been spiraling downward for some time, beginning in the '50s with the Playboy philosophy that gave men permission to avoid the bonds of marriage if they wanted to have sex. In rapid succession came the birth control pill (sex without biological consequences), 'no-fault divorce' (nullifying 'until death us do part'), cohabitation, easily available pornography, and a tolerance for just about anything except those who deem something intolerable. Such persons are now labeled 'bigots' when once they were thought to be pillars of society."

    Oh, yeah! "Pillars of society"! Whatever happened to those them? Remember those "pillars of society" who screamed racial epithets at children, used the National Guard to block the entrance of schools or simply closed schools down rather than sit quietly and watch as black children and white children co-mingled while learning their times tables? Or, how about those "pillars of society" who took it upon themselves to mete out moral justice by beating homosexuals to death for the crime of being homosexuals? And what about those "pillars of society" who stonewalled legislation that would have given women the same rights as regular people? They sure were some "pillars of society," weren't they?

    You know, though, Thomas shouldn't get too sad about the state of the modern world. They might not be as prominent, but we still have a few "pillars of society" floating around. God bless 'em.

    (via Dan Savage)

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