• Mike Huckabee Unwilling to Repeal 14th Amendment to Protect Constitution

    Apparently, defending the U.S. Constitution makes you a GOP outsider these days. Funny group, that Republican Party…

    Speaking to NPR, the 2008 presidential candidate and current Fox News personality noted that the Supreme Court had decided "in three different centuries" that birth in the United States assured one U.S. citizenship. The discussion, in essence, was moot. Asked specifically whether he would favor repealing parts of the 14th Amendment, Huckabee replied: "I don't think that's even possible."

    "Would you favor it?" pressed NPR's host Tom Ashbrook.

    "No," said Huckabee… In coming out against efforts — however nascent — to repeal birthright citizenship, Huckabee almost immediately cast himself into a minority crowd within GOP circles.

    I'm afraid that this is pro-Constitution stance going to hurt his standing with all the Tea Partiers who are so intent on protecting the Constitution at all costs.

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