• ACLU Prefers Terrorism to Second Base

    Once again, the American Civil Liberties Union wants to ruin our government's Jesus-given right to do something awesome. This time, the socialist hippies who run the ACLU's Massachusetts clubhouse are all pissed off about totally legal sexytime patdowns at the airport

    The Boston Herald reports that Transportation Security Administration screeners at Logan International Airport are testing what one official called an 'enhanced patdown.' It lets screeners use a palms-forward, slide-down search procedure on passengers' bodies.

    Sounds hottt, right? Not to the freedom-haters at the ACLU!

    The ACLU questions whether the new technique is effective enough to justify what it calls a "seemingly constant erosion of privacy."

    It is really sad that the ACLU prefers terrorism and tragedy to brief, efficient, seductive, luscious, steamy, romantic touchy-feely sessions with a strong yet gentle TSA employee. Also, hel-LO, this is necessary for us to avoid another 9/11 and thus another Terrorist Victory Mosque!

    Why does the ACLU hate going to second base for American Safety?

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