• Relax, Everyone! John McCain Will Probably Be Getting Another Six Years in the Senate

    Today, Arizona voters head to the election booths for the state's rather heated primary elections, and — if polls are to be believed — it appears as though the stage is set for Sen. John McCain to safely head into his 317th six-year term in the U.S. Senate

    Polls showed Mr. McCain, 73, with a comfortable lead — anywhere from 15 to 21 points, depending on who was doing the polling — over his Republican challenger, J. D. Hayworth, 51, a conservative former radio talk show host and six-term congressman who offered a spirited challenge but one that seemed to lose sizzle the longer it went on.

    Mr. McCain’s comfortable position as Arizonans prepared to vote on Tuesday was a reversal of fortunes from earlier in the year, when he was considered a potential victim of the anti-establishment fervor sweeping the nation.

    [B]y spending freely and by acting as if he might lose, the senator managed to turn things around. Mr. McCain tapped into money left over from his failed presidential effort, spending more than $20 million (compared with about $3 million for Mr. Hayworth) making his visage and his harsh attacks on Mr. Hayworth omnipresent on Arizona’s airwaves. Mr. McCain’s spending was among the highest ever for a Senate primary in Arizona and, depending on turnout, could translate into more than $75 a vote, political analysts said.

    Money well spent! This race against Hayworth is the tightest one McCain has experienced since he went up against Uggher from the short-lived but popular Homo Ergaster Party. And this time around, he can't count on his opponent being devoured by a smilodon. (Get it? Old jokes! I'm the hilariousest!)

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