• Mister Obama Wants to Send Your Cars to the Resource Room

    President Barack Obama is so high and mighty, just like that teacher who told you your final paper for his stupid English class lacked "substance." This is appropriate, since Barry O. is in fact a former college professor!

    Apparently, this Muslim socialist demon never did get rid of his taste for rating victims' worth on a brutal letter system, because now he's decided to turn his judgmental stare on an oppressed and innocent group: your cars

    The Obama administration is proposing to give automobiles letter grades ranging from A to D based on their fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions.

    The proposal comes as regulators are preparing to revamp the familiar fuel economy stickers to accommodate new hybrid and electric vehicles.

    GOD! Summer's not even over, and already he's talking about grades? Can't he just let your cars enjoy their last moments of freedom before they get back into the stupid daily grind of trying to do well on standardized emission tests and other dumb metrics that totally don't measure the really important stuff about a car, like how nice it smells and how pretty it looks? Ugggggh.

    Jeez, at least frickin' somebody is standing up for your cars: their parents…

    Among the critics of the letter grades are automakers, which say that although they support giving consumers information, they would prefer that the consumers get the numerical information about mileage and emissions and that the government refrain from boiling that down to a letter grade.

    "The grades carry such a connotation of school days and of passing and failing," said Gloria Bergquist, a vice president of the Auto Alliance, an industry group. "We weren't sure that is the right yardstick to be using."

    Looks like parent-teacher conferences are gonna be real awkward this year.

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