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    Vacation, all [Jon] ever wanted. Vacation, [Jon is] happy to get away. But catching up with all the work can be a hassle. There are papers to be filed in the paper filing system, staples to be put into… stapling filing systems. Listen, I clearly don't know what normal people do in offices.The point is, it's no different for Jon Stewart returning to The Daily Show. The news never stops, even during their holidays and breaks, and some politicians have even taken advantage of that fact.

    Case in point, Sarah Palin resigned as the Governor of Alaska on July 3rd to avoid the media coverage. And everyone was able to retain all their respect and admiration for her as a result and no one mentioned it ever again. Or the opposite.

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    During the show's longest break, spanning three weeks, Congressman Joe Wilson shouted out during a Obama's speech, "You lie!" You can't let something like that go by without a take down.


    During the election cycle, the news stories could really rack up over a few days. Jon's got a lot to work with in this video, notably, Jesse Jackson infamously expressing a desire to remove Barack Obama of his testicles.


    On July 19th, Shirley Sherrod was forced to resign after Andrew Brietbart posted an out-of-context video of her on his blog Big Hollywood. On July 26th, Jon was finally able to take a crack at it.


    May 20th 2009, The Sun and the New York Post published images of Saddam Hussein in his underwear. Even though eleven days had passed, Jon Stewart could not resist making fun of Hussein's balls, stating, "What have you done without your scrotum references?"


    Back when Clinton was in office, he spent a great deal of time trying to grant China permanent normal trade status. When Jon returned from break on May 30th, 2000, the U.S. approved the trade policy.

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