• Barack Obama Is a Radical Christian Anti-Christian Muslim

    You know what really annoys me about liberals? On the one hand, they're constantly complaining about people like Glenn Beck holding massive hate rallies under the guise of patriotism and religion, but then on the other, they're always going on an on about how we need more scientific research.

    Excuse me, Mr. Hypocrite, but can you possibly even imagine a better opportunity to study the habits and social rituals of the North American primates who have overpopulated the continent? I mean, Hello!

    Like, take for example this footage that The Young Turks collected on their recent expedition to Beck 8/28 Restoring Honor rally in Washinton DC…

    Interviewer: What woke you up?

    Teabagger: Reverend Wright. You can't convince me that you can go to church with someone for twenty years and not share the same ideology. You can't convince me of that.

    Interviewer: So, you think Obama is a Christian.

    Teabagger: Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Do you? No, I do not believe he is a Christian at all. I think he has bowed down to the Muslim faith. I think he was raised as a child Muslim.

    Just look at this specimen's eyes when she's expressing herself. It's almost human. Like, you can almost imagine that there's a thinking brain in there. Truly spectacular.

    (via Dan Savage)

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