• The Koran Burning Rally Is Off (or, More Specifically, It's On But Somewhere Else)

    Hey, so that Koran burning thing is off now?

    The minister of a Florida church said he has canceled plans to burn copies of the Quran because the leader of a much-opposed plan to build an Islamic Center near ground zero has agreed to move its location. The agreement couldn't be immediately confirmed…

    He said instead of his plan to burn the books on Saturday to mark the ninth anniversary of 9/11, he will be flying to New York to speak to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf about moving the mosque.

    Yes, I'm sure that Pastor Terry Jones and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf were on the horn together all day hashing out a compromise over this. They're all like, Buy! Sell! No mosque! No Koran burning! That's almost certainly what happened.

    "We are, of course, now against any other group burning Qurans," Jones said during a news conference. We would right now ask no one to burn Qurans. We are absolutely strong on that. It is not the time to do it."

    Oh, of course. Of course. Absolutely strong on that. Can we please get this guy his Nobel Peace Prize now? I mean, why wait?

    Anyway, I guess this particular doomsday scenario has run it's course.


    Westboro Baptist Church, the small Topeka, Kan., church that pickets funerals of American soldiers to spread its message that God is punishing the country for being tolerant of homosexuals, has vowed to hold a Quran burning if Gainesville's Dove World Outreach Center calls its off.

    We can always count on you, Fred Phelps. We can always count on you.

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