• Democrats Popular Choice with People Who Have Better Things to Do

    So, some recent polling is showing some good news and some bad news for Democrats going into these midterm elections. The good news is that about half the country is pulling for Dems to retain control of Congress.

    The bad news, though, is that approximately none of those people are expected to show up and vote

    Generic ballot polling of registered voters — that is, everyone who could vote on election day — has shown the electorate to be essentially split, with half favoring Democratic control of Congress and half welcoming the reign of Speaker Boehner. When likely voters (the group who theoretically will turn out in the end) are asked how they're going to vote, Republicans leap out to a big lead.

    For example, in a recent NBC/WSJ poll, the parties were split at 43% support when all adults surveyed were asked who they'd rather see in control of Congress next year. But when likely voters were asked the same question, the GOP took a nine-point lead. Polling from other firms this year has shown a similar result.

    It appears as though the Democrats brilliant "Let's Hope the Economy Gets Better Before November" strategy isn't panning out the way they'd hoped.

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