• Tworld News: Week of September 6, 2010

    Hey, you there. Yes you, the one living in ignorance and loneliness. Get ready for Twitter to extinguish half of your ostensible problems. And highlight the other half…

    If I had a nickel for every time someone misspelled "Qur'an" I'd have a very modest collection of nickels as a result of the plethora of accepted transliterations of the word.

    I survived the Bush tax cuts and all I got was this awesome trickled-down t-shirt.

    On the top of this article about a federal judge ruling 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' to be unconstitutional, there is an advertisement for Sprint's 'Everything Data Plan' for $69 a month. Not even kidding, 69. It's like fate–with data prices that reasonable, anything really is possible.

    See I got confused because I thought you were just saying 'Charlie' Brown really quickly. But now I know better. So no, then I definitely don't support either candidate.

    The cleanup, the post-game report, the cute British accents– BP does it all!

    Britain's oldest person dies at 111. That's about two French President Nicolas Sarkozys. Both of whom this loyal subject of the Queen would have probably hated.

    Excited to see Lady Gaga's meat hat at the VMAs, looking forward to the inevitable trend it will spark among starving people in third world countries.

    When asked if he purchased a new Audi after his accident, Tom Brady humorously replied "I did, I did…I just wanted to get the 2011, so I had to crash the 2010." Which loosely translates to "I am really fucking rich"

    Glad to know that the 'sorry I was super drunk' excuse works just as well on the 'international diplomacy' level as it does on the 'accidentally telling your girlfriend she could stand to lose a little weight' level.

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