• Anti-Gay Hate Comment Coming from Inside GOP Senator's Office?

    Pro tip, bigots: Don't send your revelous hate missives from the office where you work for a U.S. Senator who just voted along with every single other member of his party to shut down debate on the potential repeal of an outdated piece of Jim Crow-esque discriminatory legislation.

    Instead, why not trying waiting until you get home to your personal troll cave to do that? That way, you can masturbate with your spittle-drenched hand while hitting the Send button and it'll be less easy for people to back trace the IP address to your boss

    As some of you have probably already heard, shortly after Senate Republicans prevented a vote on repealing DADT this afternoon, a commentor identifying himself as "Jimmy" left a derogatory comment ("All fa–ots must die") on the Joe.My.God. website, a popular LGBT-focused blog.

    Other commenters on the site quickly traced the IP address of the comment to a senate.gov IP address located in Atlanta, Georgia near the local offices of the state's two senators…

    Early [last] evening Chambliss's office sent the following statement to several news organizations, including TPM: "We have seen the allegations and are moving quickly to understand the facts. This office has not and will not tolerate any activity of the sort alleged. Once we have ascertained whether these claims are true, we will take the appropriate steps."

    Rookie mistake, guy. But, don't worry. Once you rise up through the ranks in D.C. — as you almost certainly will –  you'll learn how to focus your hatred in ways that are both more effective and less easy to denounce.

    Like your boss!

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