• Texas Continues to Promote Rampant Dumbassery

    Texas has long been known for its blatant hippie liberalism, its shameless adherence to the politically correct agenda, and its slavish devotion to Islam. Oh, are you not familiar with this version of "reality?" Then clearly you are not one of the ultra right-wing members of the Texas Board of Education.

    These barely-literate wastes of human bodies have bonded together to bravely battle a nonexistent anti-Christian bias that they perceive inside their very tiny mesquite-flavored brains. They're going to vote on a resolution to tell educational publishers to stop putting so many non-hateful sentences about Islam into their textbooks/propaganda tools

    The resolution was written and submitted to the board this summer by, Randy Rives, who as a member of the school board in Odessa, Tex., pushed through a Bible study curriculum.

    Last spring, Mr. Rives ran for the state board but failed to defeat the incumbent, Bob Craig, a moderate Republican.

    Defeat at the polls did not dampen Mr. Rives's enthusiasm for protecting Texas students from what he sees as a conspiracy to sugarcoat the history of Islam in textbooks. In interviews, Mr. Rives has likened his concerns about Islam to those he and other Americans once had about communists infiltrating American society.

    Texas, the great state that legitimized George W. Bush as a chief executive. Texas, the brave region that sponsors more state-funded executions than does any non-U.S. First World nation. Texas, the proud land that allows rifle-toting nutjobs to purchase liquor at drive-thru joints.

    Because Texas places such huge textbook orders, publishers are inclined to actually seriously consider its idiotic resolutions rather than risk losing such a huge chunk of profit. How fan-effing-tastic that a bureaucratic cabal of idiots has the power to foul up the educations of millions of schoolkids across the United States.

    Because American kids aren't dumb enough AS IT IS.

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