• Lisa Murkmowkowalsky Might Actually Have a Chance as a Write-In Candidate

    Some new polling shows that Alaska Sen. Lisa Murcalski — who lost the GOP nomination for reelection to Tea Party Expressbagger Joe Miller earlier this month — might actually have some life in her yet as a write-in candidate. Provided she can get Alaskans to remember to write-in in the name "Lisa Murgelby" on their ballots…

    First, a CNN poll showed Ms. Murkowski running just 2 points behind the Republican Joe Miller among likely voters. The Democratic candidate, Scott McAdams, was in third place with 22 percent of the vote.

    In addition, a poll provided to the New York Times by Craciun Research shows Ms. Murkowski with an apparent lead. The poll gave Ms. Murkowski 41 percent of the vote, Mr. Miller 30 percent, and Mr. McAdams, 19 percent.

    That might give you some idea about how politics work in Alaska. The Democrat guy is losing by more than ten points to two different Republicans. And he's only has a statistically insignificant lead over this polar bear. (Green Party's still a way distant fifth.)

    Anyway, now that this is pretty much a horse race between elephants (the reads weird, doesn't it?) and Lisa Murkelstein officially is on her own, it appears that the gloves are off, and she's free to go after the teabaggers who stole her nomination in the best way she knows how. With actors pretending to be people who care…

    "Who's senate seat would it be, Alaska's or California's?"

    That's kind of a silly question, lady who was paid by Lisa Murghblowskeen to ask that.

    Obviously, it would be Sarah Palin's.

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