• Sens. Coburn and DeMint Protect Nation from Women's History Museum Threat

    Wait, what's this shit? A National Women's History Museum? That's ridiculous. Why should that special interest group get to have their own museum? They only account for, like, 29 out of 57 people. That's only slight more than half. I call bullshit on this. We'd better get our boys in the Senate to do something about this

    Sens. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., and Jim DeMint, R-S.C., have placed a "hold" on a bill that would sell land near the Smithsonian Institution for the National Women's History Museum. A "hold" is a Senate practice that prevents bills from passing with unanimous consent — and implicitly threatening a filibuster.

    The senators say their concerns are financial: Though the museum would pay fair market value for the land, the group has raised little money. And they said the new institution would duplicate more than 100 similar museums — some of which already get taxpayer subsidies.

    Exactly! It's totally financial. Totally, totally financial. That's the only, only, only reason.

    But, also, you just know that "National Women's History Museum" is secret code for "Pro-Abortion House of Horrors," am I right?

    The senators' action came two days after the Concerned Women for America, a conservative group, wrote DeMint asking for a hold. The group's CEO, Penny Nance, wrote in July that the museum would "focus on abortion rights without featuring any of the many contributions of the pro-life movement in America."

    See? Even the Concerned Women for America are behind this, so there's no reason that any of you should be concerned, because they already are. It's right there in their name. And who can we trust to conserve women's rights more than conserve-ative women? I mean, this is really a no-brainer. Very, very no-brainy.

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