• Here It Is, Your Moments of Rick Sanchez

    As you may have heard, late last week, Rick Sanchez was fired from his job saying silly things on CNN, presumably breaking some sort of non-compete clause after going on a radio and saying some really spectacularly stupid stuff

    At first, Mr. Sanchez called Mr. Stewart a "bigot," but later took the word back, calling the comedian "prejudicial" instead… "Everybody that runs CNN is a lot like Stewart," Mr. Sanchez said. “And a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart. And to imply that somehow they — the people in this country who are Jewish — are an oppressed minority? Yeah."

    I don't know how he thought he was going to get away with giving away gold like that for free while still under contract with CNN, but that shouldn't be a problem anymore.

    Jon Stewart — with the ninja-like reflexes of a person who controls the media — has already commented on the Sanchez incident while hosting Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars" over the weekend…

    In talking about how people should donate for autism education, for which the show raises money, Stewart said: "If you went on radio and said the Jews control the media… you may want to hold on to your money."

    Only time will tell if we'll get Rick Sanchez to kick around anymore. For now though, let's put a cap on Sanchez' time at CNN with these timeless Moments of Zen…

    Sanchez Taser

    More zenful Sanchez moments after the jump.

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    And, before we bid our final adieu to this trailblazing journalist, let us take a look at his legacy…

    Taser War 2007

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