• Christine O'Donnell Is Not a Witch, Christine O'Donnell Says

    Look, I'm definitely not a genius at recognizing political horseflesh (or whatever gross thing those people say about each other), but I do know this: When, in the first sentence of your brand new ad, you feel it's right to assure the electorate that you do not study in the black art of Satanic magick, you are probably doing something right…

    First of all, hahahahahahahahahaha! Great ad. I feel very secure about our soon-to-be Senator O'Donnell now.

    Second of all, maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't think anybody ever actually claimed or thought that Christine O'Donnell is still a practicing witch, based upon that very old piece of footage. (But, who knows? Maybe this really was cutting into her Evangelical Christian street cred. In case, please allow me to add an additional hahahahahahahahaha!) What we thought — and, for the most part, continue to think — is that she was and still is a laughably credulous and unserious person who is prone to take whatever ridiculous nonsense passes in front of her face and unquestionably add it to her belief system.

    And, third of all, this ad still doesn't address the question of whether or not she is a human with a fully-functioning mouse brain.

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