• California Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Arrested Trying to Get into Gubernatorial Debate

    Used to be a third party candidate couldn't get arrested in this country. Looks like things are finally turning around for the Green Party

    A Green Party candidate in the California's governor's race was arrested Tuesday after trying to get into a debate she was not allowed to participate in.

    Laura Wells, 62, from Oakland tried to enter a debate between leading candidates in the race: Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman and Democratic opponent Jerry Brown, police said… Wells was not allowed to be part of the debate because of her lack of support in the polls, CNN-affiliate KTVU reported…

    San Rafael police said Wells was arrested for trespassing after trying to use a bogus ticket to get into the event and then arguing with school security officers.

    This seems kind of unfair. Why should Wells not be allowed to sit quietly, anonymously and not-making-a-scenedly in the audience like any other Californian while her two political rivals* debated up on stage as she was certainly planning to do?

    Okay, maybe her ticket was in fact "bogus." Or, then again, maybe it wasn't. Either way, if running a distant 3rd (or possibly 6th) doesn't get a spot up on stage, shouldn't at least be good for a few comped tickets? Or at least a little media attention. Would that have been too much to ask?


    * Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman are her rivals. She doesn't need to be their rival. Nor do they need to know her name.

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