• Some Idiot Fires Shots at Pentagon

    Here is a stupid way to make a political point: Fire a couple of shots at a giant, sprawling security fortress that contains the most highly-trained military minds in the world. Oh, while you're at it, make sure your target building has more security cameras and jerk-hunting technology than any other edifice in the entire freaking world. Got all that? Okay, idiot, looks like you're ready for a pretty intense impending beatdown by feds and civilians!

    Let's check in with Steven Calvery, director of the civilian Pentagon Force Protection Agency

    Calvery said a number of his officers reported hearing five to seven shots fired at about 4:55 a.m. EDT near the south parking lot of the Pentagon. The building, and roads leading to the property, were shut down as officers did an initial sweep of the area. They were reopened 45 minutes later.

    Well, that sounds scary! Was anyone hurt, Steven Calvery?

    An internal search of the building found fragments of two bullets still embedded in two windows — one on the third floor and one on the fourth. The bullets had shattered, but did not penetrate, the windows, Calvery said. The windows were part of offices that are being renovated and they were unoccupied at the time.

    So the dumbass shooter didn't even get his dumbass bullets through the windows?! What a lamestain. He will inevitably be caught and pistol-whipped within an inch of his loser life. And you just know his mugshot is gonna be totally ugsville, too.

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