• Don't Ask, Don't . . . What?!

    So remember how yesterday, all your best gay military veteran friends were super excited because the Pentagon had directed military recruiters to accept openly gay candidates? They did that because a U.S. judge in southern California had ruled that DADT was unconstitutional.

    Thankfully, for the safety and well-being of our brave men and women in uniform, an appeals court intervened to stop the flood of eager homosexuals from overwhelming your local recruiting office with their patriotism. And surely President Obama must be breathing a sigh of relief that the injunction has been overturned!

    The Obama administration asked that the 17-year-old policy remain in force while it fully appealed the ruling by District Court Judge Virginia Phillips, who issued the injunction last week and rejected the administration's arguments that suspending the policy would create uncertainty.

    I'm sure Professor Barry would have some sort of intellectual reasoning to provide, being that he used to be a constitutional law professor and stuff. There are probs various steps he has to take in order to make sure this thing gets done correctly, in a way that isn't easy for conservative forces to overturn. Right? Right?

    Ah, fuck it: He's being a dumbass. And on that note, let's see what the Family Research Council has to say…

    The head of the conservative Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, a Marine veteran, has emailed a statement hailing the ruling and attacking Phillips and "liberal politicians" for trying to "advance their radical social agenda." He says the 9th Circuit "recognizes the overreach of Judge Phillips' decision forcing the military to embrace homosexuality."

    Seems doubtful that the military is in danger of "embracing" homosexuality anytime soon. At most, it will hold its nose and try not to throw up when gay and lesbian soldiers dare to enter its classy, sophisticated midst. You know, eventually. One day. Maybe.

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