• Indecision Delegate: Sara Benincasa Will Rock Your Face Off, America!

    Hello citizens! I'm comedian and regular Indecision contributor Sara Benincasa, and it is my great honor to belatedly announce my top-secret candidacy and subsequent election to the office of Indecision Delegate! And my campaign slogan, "I WILL ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!" has taken such root in the hearts and minds of my supporters that I've chosen to continue its use throughout my tenure ("Yes we can!" is soooo 2008.)

    "But Sara," you may protest, "I didn't even get to vote for you! Nor was I made aware of any such campaign and/or candidacy! I didn't even know that 'Indecision Delegate' was a thing. Is that really a thing? It sounds like something you just made up. Did you just make that up?"

    Oh, haha, you wacky jokester! Of course it is a thing, and after my top-secret, illegal and undemocratic election, I'm revving up to road-trip down to D.C for the impending midterm elections (and a certain pair of dueling political rallies led by Famous Entertainment Personages.) There will be blog posts. There will be videos. There will be tomfoolery. There will be haberdashery, scrimshaw and a host of other outdated trades. Essentially, it's going to be really flippin' awesome and will surely provide a complement to the fine works of my fellow midterm specialists Eugene Mirman, Baratunde Thurston, and Dan St. Germain.

    So join me, dear Americans, on a journey of epic and fantastic proportions. Together, we'll go deep into the bewitchingly glorious hearts of the Angles, O'Donnells, Reids and Paladinos of this bold nation. I pledge to represent you to the best of my superhuman, sexy ability as I embark on the greatest quest any journalist has ever known: to make amusing statements about midterm elections. Onward and upward! I WILL ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!

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