• Actual GOP Politician: I Am Actually Threatening Murder in Public for Real!

    What's that? Some Republican delegate nominee in Virginia is threatening to start shooting people with a gun if she continues to have to pay more taxes than she would prefer?

    Yeah, well, you know… I wonder if there's still some hazelnut coffee in the kitchen…

    "We have the chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box… But that's the beauty of our Second Amendment right.

    I am glad for all of us who enjoy the use of firearms for hunting, but make no mistake, that was not the intent of the Founding Fathers. Our Second Amendment right was to guard against tyranny.

    Yes, that's an idiotic and irresponsible thing for a politician like this Catherine Crabill lady to be shouting to a bunch of crazy rednecks shortly after a string of right-wing-extremist-related murders, especially for matters of "tyranny" as trivial as the ones she's upset about. And, yes, I know I should be more upset and shocked and outraged and stuff.

    But, come on, there's only so much energy a person can exert on shock and outrage and stuff, and while conservative America spirals deeper into Crazyville, they've been pretty taxing on my/our/everyone's energy stores for shock and outrage and stuff.

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