• Indecision Delegate: Sara Benincasa Will Educate You About Citizenship and Other Patriotic-Sounding Things, America!

    Greetings, citizens! Just your friendly Comedy Central Indecision Delegate Sara Benincasa here, trying to contain my near-hysterical level of excitement over Midterm Mania 2010. I've decided that the best way to focus my wild enthusiasm is to educate you, the American People, about citizenship and other patriotic-sounding things. Today we ask and answer the timeless question: "Just what is this 'United States Senate,' anyway?"

    The U.S. Senate is a group of Americans elected to collectively decide issues of great and miniscule import. They are mostly old people. Someone told them what the Internets were, so they have a website. Here is a typically fascinating and soul-stirring excerpt

    During the stifling hot summer of 1787 the framers of the Constitution were meeting at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Though delegates agreed to many details, the issue of representation threatened to destroy the work of the convention.

    The Disagreement
    Delegates from large states ascribed to the nationalist principle, believing that because their states contributed proportionally more to the nation's financial and defensive resources, they should enjoy proportionally greater representation in the Senate as well as in the House. Small-state delegates favored the federalist principle and demanded that all states be equally represented in both houses.

    Whew! With that kind of racy rhetoric, it's no wonder "U.S. Senate" is the second-most popular search topic on Google, after "BOOBS" and ahead of "PRETTY LADIES."

    The Senate is part of our government's bicameral legislative branch. There is currently one African-American senator, one HIspanic senator, and one Asian-American senator. Everybody else is pale like a lady of Victorian high society. Speaking of ladies, the Senate currently has 17 of them. It's not exactly Washington, D.C.'s hottest pick-up scene. (That award goes to Ben's Chili Bowl, om nom nom, if the lady you are picking up is me.)

    Whew! Well, that was a thrilling journey into the heart of democracy, hmmm? Stay tuned to Indecision for even more pulse-pounding Midterm Mania action!

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