• Indecision Delegate: Sara Benincasa Will Write Wisdom at You for You to Obediently Absorb, America!

    Salutations, my fellow Americans! I'm Sara Benincasa, your Comedy Central Indecision Delegate, and I'm delighted to continue my Pulitzer Prize-worthy series of blog posts to celebrate Midterm Mania 2010. The last time we chatted (or, rather, the last time I wrote things "at" you and you obediently absorbed my wisdom), I carefully explained what a U.S. Senate is. Today, I shall explain to you the less-important, easier-to-get-into sorority on the Capitol campus: the House of Representatives!

    While the Senate has only 100 members, the House of Representatives has 435. This means that if you don't become a U.S. Representative at some point in your life, you're a total loser freakazoid. This is clearly not the most discerning of legislative bodies. In fact, you could probably just show up one day while the House was in session, and they'd let you vote on a few laws or maybe try out Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's gavel.

    The members of the house are divided proportionally among all 50 states based on each state's number of tax-paying citizens. Then each state is divided into districts based on the number of representatives the Magic Democracy Genie has granted it. States that don't have enough taxpayers to make up different districts just get a Member-at-Large, HAHA. Here's lookin' at you, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming! Greedy California has 53 representatives, because it was never taught the value of moderation. This is also why California cannot be trusted at an open bar during a wedding.

    That's basically all you need to know about the House of Representatives. It's actually more than anyone ought to know. I'm sorry about that. I'm sure this has been about as thrilling for you as it has been for me. Want to bore yourself to death? Then hop on over to the Congressional Biographical Directory! You can search the biographies of every member of Congress dating back to 1774. This is also a great cure for insomnia. Enjoy, citizens!

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