• The LiveBlog to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

    3:05 – Thanks for following the rally with us. Check back later for clips.

    2:59 – Well, that's that. Thoughts?

    2:57 – 7-Year-Old Girl/R2-D2 2012-D2!

    2:56 – Tony Bennett singing "America the Beautiful"? But he's not American. He's Italian-American.

    2:53 – Why is Jon Stewart narrating that REM video?

    2:49 – Americans don't live on cable TV? Tell that to the Real Housewives of New Jersey!

    2:47 – "If we amplify everything, we hear nothing." Who said that? Wasn't it Stalin?

    2:45 – "We live now in Hard Times, not End Times." Some people there, I'm sure, are living in High Times.

    2:42 – Oh no! Sincerity! Not on the mall in D.C.! Noooooo!!!!

    2:41 – Stephen Colbert's Puppet/Stephen Colbert 2012!

    2:38 – Poop beats sanity! But fairy beats poop. Does that mean sanity beats fairy?

    2:35 – From the CC Twitter: "Is it just me or does the giant @StephenAtHome puppet look like Dennis Kucinich."

    2:33 – Glad to see papier-mâché Stephen Colbert is getting some non-porn work these days.

    2:31 – Glad to see R2-D2 is getting some non-porn work these days.

    2:29 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! He's Muslim and was in the movie Airplane! That means something, I'm sure. Where's my blackboard?

    2:27 – This is definitely a post-Kid Rock rally we're living in now.

    2:22 – OMG! Jon Stewart is there! And Stephen Colbert! How did Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow get them for their concert?

    2:15 – From the CC Twitter: "Little known fact: Kid Rock's legal name is Mr. Bawit Daba."

    "Second little known fact: Sheryl Crow's birth name is Sheryl Northern Carolina Egress."

    2:14 – Max Headroom aged weird.

    2:11 – Aw, man! I went almost the whole afternoon without having to hear Kid Rock crooning with a 70's-style electric piano. Can't I just get one morning?

    2:09 – The "Dude, You Have No Koran Guy" just threw his medal into the crowd. He is really not in favor of people having stuff, huh?

    2:03 – @baxterblogs Oh…Jon Stewart shouldn't sing. But the song is funny. #rally4sanity

    2:02 – That Jon Stewart has the vocal chords of an angel.

    1:59 – Jon Stewart is right! "Everyone has a right to be patriotic!" Except for people from Delaware.

    1:55 – "The Prices are to Merchan-Die For"

    1:54 – That Lady Who Asked Obama a Question/Anderson Cooper's T-Shirt 2012!

    1:52 – From the comments: "Yusuf/Ozzy 2012!" (Noodlecat)

    1:50 - CC Twitter: "Naked Man Running With Scissors is my Cherokee name."

    1:47 – Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy. I literally have nothing to say about that.

    1:46 – A seven-year-old girl! Duck and cover!

    1:42 – Jason Jones could really get a job on cable news. He's got the patter down pat.

    1:39 – Bring back Cop Rock!

    1:35 – CC Twitter: "The outfits The O'Jays are wearing should be our new military uniform."

    1:32 – The O'Jays singing "Love Train." Are the Pips back there somewhere with the "Midnight Train to Georgia"? (Woo woo?)

    1:30 – Train Battle 2010!

    1:28 – It's "Peace Train" vs. "Crazy Train"! Ozzy Osbourne and Yusaf Islam onstage together. Never in my life could I have imagined this.

    1:27 – @reelheart #rallyforsanity huge coup Jon introduces Cat Stevens who vowed he'd never perform again to sing Peace Train…

    1:24 – The artist formerly known as Cat Stevens! But he's… he's… he's a… And he's so close to the Capitol building! And he's singing something about blowing a train to pieces!

    1:22 – These people sure do look crazy…

    1:20 – Sam Waterston, the reasonable-seeming man in America.

    1:19 – Yay! Dogs! This is my kind of benediction.

    1:16 – @robsolo I'm willing to wager that nobody in the crowd knows Father Guido Sarducci is not an actual Father. #Rally4Sanity

    1:12 – Father Guido Sarducci is delivering the benediction! And in a zebra-print suit no less. Is there some kind of an animal print requirement I was unaware of?

    1:11 – The fear is too damn high…

    1:08 – Hurray! They rescued Stephen Colbert from his fear bunker! Now, where are his sunglasses?

    1:04 – @davidcorndc Cue Fox News segment in three hours on litter left behind. #rallyforsanity

    1:00 – Over 10 million people in attendance, according to Stewart. That seems conservative to me. I've been doing my own head count, and I reached a jillion fifteen minutes ago.

    12:56 – Jon Stewart's here?! Why didn't anybody tell me about this?

    12:55 – @john_mcguirk: Now they're trying to create an earthquake right in the middle of Washington. Terrorists. #rallyforsanity

    12:54 - Jeff Ross in some kind of an animal print, obviously…

    12:51 – "And, lo, it came to be that the human race was saved from the mysterious laughing virus due to the paradigm-altering experiments performed at the Stewart/Colbert rally."

    12:49 – Getting thousands of people to make weird noises at your command… I'm not 100 percent sure this counts as "science."

    12:45 – Wave science. Regular rally stuff, ya know?

    12:42 – Holy shit! That wave is going on forever.

    12:40 – Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters! My God, there're doing science onstage! This is waaaaaay not like Glenn Beck's rally.

    12:37 – Redditor freshyill from DC shares an observation from yesterday

    I walked the same route through DC from my office to my sister's office the day before Beck's rally. The teabaggers stuck out like a sore thumb. You could tell these people were a little off. Certainly not a cross section of society. More like one small speck.

    You guys aren't like that. You blend in. By sheer numbers and the suitcases, I can spot some of you. I heard a few talking to strangers. Everybody seems friendly and upbeat.

    Congrats on not being like them. Sanity seems to be prevailing already.

    In all fairness, this not saying all that much.

    12:29 - Gonzalo Cordova livetweeting the rally for Comedy Central: "I'm going to go as @JohnLegend for Halloween. Does anyone know where I can get those sunglasses/groovy swagger?"

    I, myself, would like to go as ?uestlove. Does anyone know where I can get an entirely new me?

    12:26 - Andy and Scott from Connecticut

    12:19 - The Rourk Family from Abilene, TX

    12:13 – Missive from the CC Press Tent: "DB Fergeson of NoFactZone just shrieked when John Legend came on."

    12:10 - Here comes John Legend. OMG! He's like a… like a… famous respected guy.

    12:09 - Some photos from the rally coming up just as soon as I can upload them.

    12:05 - I'm pretty sure this rally is already at least 75 percent more funky than Glenn Beck's was. I'd maybe even go as high as 80.

    12:03 - Tubas in hip-hop. There aren't enough of those.

    12:00 - It begins! It's The Roots! They've defected from Jimmy Fallon!

    11:52 – So, a few smart people had the smart idea showing up early to the rally this morning. Here's the D.C. Metro at 8:45 this morning…

    (via Redditor reckonerX)

    11:44 - Are you watching the streaming Rally Pre-Show happening now? No? What's the matter? Preshowphobic? They have medicine for that now.

    11:42 - Begin liveblog… now.

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