• Conservatives Enraged by Rally-Goers' Clever Signs

    Uh oh! Red State has apparently gotten a hold of some apparently damning video from this weekend's rally that proves conclusively just how jerky us liberal jerks actually are. Yikes!

    1. Not even close to all Democrats are twerps, but every single twerp in this video is a Democrat.

    2. Said twerps hate you, and want you to die in a fire.

    3. If you vote on Tuesday, they’ll hate you even more.

    I'm actually kind of afraid to watch this video! What dark liberal rites did they catch being performed? What kind of horrors hidden away within our souls have been been laid bare before the world?

    OMG! Can you believe it?! Those signs! They're so clever and smug! One might even go so far as to call them cleverly smug! (Would "smugly clever" be taking it too far? I don't want to descend to childish name-calling.)

    How dare those liberal smugmongers attend an apolitical rally carrying cleverly smug signs that they thought up using their cleverly smug brains?!

    Tags: Rally to Restore Sanity, Washington DC


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