• The Seven Best Quotes From the Post-Rally Press Conference

    About an hour after the end of the Rally to Restore Sanity, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert appeared at Washington DC's National Press Club full of reasonable afterglow to talk to reporters about the live, three-hour show they'd just pulled off. Here is a collection of the seven best quotes from the press conference.

    1. "I improvised everything I did, right off the top. Can I have a suggestion of a location and an occupation?!" – Stephen Colbert

    2. "We have a show on Monday, and we gotta go write that, and then we have a live show Tuesday, normally that would be the hardest thing we do this year, so we gotta go hump for two days. We have a Wednesday show too, and a then a Thursday show, and then we have to keep doing them 'til Thanksgiving." -Stephen Colbert on what's next

    3. "I'm wearing a flannel shirt, it's designed by people who make flannel…" -Jon Stewart to a reporter from Extra

    4. "I don't think there's any interview that I've done that I don't leave going "I wish I'd done that better." For instance, I called [Obama] dude, but when King Abdullah of Jordan was on I called him Broseph so it's just something I do…." -Jon Stewart

    5. " Am I jealous of Jon? Yes." -Stephen Colbert

    6. "I can't believe comedycentral.com gave us a gotcha question! They work with us! That is out of line, lady!" -Jon Stewart in response to our question as to whether they had anything to say to people who couldn't make it to the Rally.

    7. "Don't care, just don't care. We're proud of ourselves, we're proud of the show we did, and for us, the success of it was the execution of the idea and the intention. You can't control people's reaction to it." -Jon Stewart, on critics

    Watch the press conference in its entirety after the jump.

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