• Christine O'Donnell Goes Down

    According to CNN, in the race to fill the Delaware Senate seat left vacant by Vice President Joe Biden, Republican Christine O'Donnell is projected to lose to her Democratic opponent, whoever that is.

    As you'll recall, O'Donnell garnered more media coverage than any other political candidate during this midterm cycle in part for her anti-masturbation stance, a history of witchcraft followed by a peculiar campaign ad in which she denied being a witch, and a flimsy understanding of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

    Her opponent–who I feel like is named something like Chuck or Chaz, something like that, it's right on the tip of my tongue–on the other hand, is best known for not being Christine O'Donnell. Chip? Is that it? Chip Cruise? Let's go with that.

    Speculation abounds over how O'Donnell will parlay her notoriety within the GOP, but I'm going to go out on a limb and predict she will quit her job as Governor of Alaska within the next six months.

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