• Linda McMahon KO'd

    In the race to fill Chris Dodd's Senate seat in Connecticut, ABC News is projecting Democrat Richard Blumenthal will win over former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO and current Triple H's mother-in-law Linda McMahon, who famously donated $50 million dollars of her own money to her campaign.

    Projections are all well and good of course, but it's important to remember that the night is not yet over, and there's still plenty of time for Hacksaw Jim Duggan to appear out of nowhere and knock Blumenthal out of the race with a two-by-four.

    There also remains the possibility that right before the race is officially called, when the vote-counter comes out and does the thing where he lifts McMahon's hand up and lets it fall to the mat, that on the third drop, her arm will remain raised and she will regain her strength and make a surprising and swift comeback.

    Of course, if you ask me, this entire race is fake. They planned out who would win and lose months ago and rehearsed the whole thing.

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